Dyslexia- From Fearful to Fantastic at Work & Life

Being Dyslexic Is No Longer Shameful. Learn How to Know Your Strengths and How to Apply Them to Your Professional Life by Exploring Yourself on a Deeper Level and Creating an Action Plan for Your Transformation.

Who Am I?

Throughout my life, I was told by others that I was not smart enough to achieve my goals and that I should settle for less. I came to believe them, but not anymore.

I started my journey young as a student with a disability. My teacher noticed I learned differently, I was diagnosed with dyslexia. I had a dream of going to college, but a teacher said I would not be successful, and to pursue other careers.

I battled my way through college. I had to work twice as hard as everyone else. When I would talk to my professors about needed support I was called “one of those kids.” Learning was a challenge and exhausting. I realized it was easier to say nothing. I didn’t feel I had a voice. 

I started my professional career. My self-esteem told me I was a fraud and I would lose it all if anyone found out about my dyslexia. I looked like someone with good self-esteem, but I felt like someone who was not enough.

Throughout my career, I learned to foster relationships, to find the positives in everyone, and build them up. I kept my dyslexia a secret, I was afraid I would lose credibility. 

I realized I needed to stop hating myself. I have unique views and I bring a different perspective to problem-solving. I made the conscious decision to stop hiding and to embrace all of me.

With my educational and professional background, I have honed my skills to connect with individuals and to help people with dyslexia find their passions, strengths, and courage to become the leaders they know they can be. I feel honored to go on this journey of discovery with others so they can reach professional goals and live the life of their dreams.

Leddy Glenn holds a Master’s of Arts in Speech Communication from University of Central Missouri. She also holds a Master’s of Arts in Teaching and Learning from Avila University. She has been facilitating individual and group exploration of abilities for over 20 years.

About My Program


Who It Is For?

I work with Organizations and professional men & women suffering from ‘Specific Learning Disabilities’ (Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, Attention Deficit Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Developmental Coordination Disorder) who are challenged daily in their professional lives for not being able to read, comprehend and write correctly. They cannot stay organized, focused, and prioritize their tasks properly. They are worried about coming across as not being good enough and being ignored. They fear not being accepted for the next level and suffer for not getting the correct and desired breaks to take their careers to a point they love.

By working with Leddy, they will learn the process of self-acceptance, understanding their disabilities and self-love to start building on their innate strengths and their unique self, to love who they are, build more confidence and resilience to concentrate on their working lives. Overall, they will be more focused in their approach to their work priorities and completing the required deadlines. With a stronger sense of self, equipped with a better understanding of their knowledge and abilities, they will be able to meet the organizational goals and shall have a clearer path to the career of their dreams.


Who It Is Not For?

  • For Dyslexic people who are not serious about a positive change in their professional and/or personal life.
  • For Dyslexic people who do not want to know what more they can do with their life.
  • For Dyslexic people who are not ready to look at their dis-ability with a different and positive perspective.
Module One

Name the Shame


  • Learn about what their disability is.
  • How the disability is part of who they are.
  • How the disability affects them
  • Learn about their strengths because of their disability
  • Mindset – that you are an equal with the world


You have known yourself throughout your life as a person having a disability on which you never had any control. You have always been told about your weaknesses and what you are not able to do. Come let’s explore the strengths you have as an individual and the creative abilities you possess. 

Let me start the process of taking you through this transformation by helping you identify your strengths, interests and passions.

Module Two

Having a Negative Conversation With Yourself


  • Know what their top intelligence is
  • What does their top intelligence mean?
  • Know what their top learning style, what it means
  • Know how to use their top intelligence and learning style in their daily work life
  • Mindset: You know your strengths and your intelligence


You have been talking negatively about yourself because of your learning differences your whole life. You are your own bully. You would never let anyone talk to you the way you talk to yourself. You will learn what your negative self talk is called and why our brains allow for such abuse. We will talk together about what to do when the bully is voicing their concerns and how to rephrase it to something positive.

We will build on our strengths to begin to accept ourselves for our positive traits and not hate ourselves for what we view as the negatives.

Module Three

How Am I smart?


  • Know what their top intelligence is
  • What does their top intelligence mean?
  • Know what their top learning style, what it means
  • Know how to use their top intelligence and learning style in their daily work life
  • Mindset: You know your strengths and your intelligence


Did you know that there are 8 different types of intelligence? Those are different from your learning styles! All the different learning styles and intelligence make us all unique in our abilities to solve problems, connect with our community, and spend time with our loved ones. Let’s discover the ways you learn and the brilliance you have and how to unleash these skills to the world.

Module Four

I Need Executive Functioning


  • Know what executive functioning skills entail. 
  • Know what skills they have and what they need to work on.
  • Have a plan of ways to improve
  • Set up an organizational system for workflow. 
  • Mindset: I am prepared for whatever comes at me, I know what I need to do to get the job done. 


Have you ever been told that if you just tried harder you would be more successful? Do you struggle with organization, prioritizing, feeling overwhelmed, jumping into action before thinking, not being flexible to changes, or keeping your emotions in check? All of these things and more fall into your executive functioning skills. Let me help you to stop procrastinating and take that first step in becoming the professional person you want to be.

Module Five

Finding My Voice and What I Want


  • How to implement their strengths 
  • Learn how to advocate for their needs.
  • Where do they see themselves going?
  • Create a 5 year plan.
  • Mindset: I have a roadmap for my professional and personal life. 


You have been silent for too long, it is time to speak your mind. Your peers and bosses need to know how brilliant you are and why you are an asset to your profession. Now that you know your learning style, your intelligence and the tools you need to make all your magic happen. It is time to learn how to stop hiding and to share your ideas. Let me guide you to finding your voice and how to use it.

Module Six

I Am Who I Am, and I Like It


  • Know the art of acceptance
  • List all the good they give to their world
  • Get strategies to build on their passions
  • Learn to promote their passions
  • Understand how to start successfully positioning themselves in the organization
  • Mindset: I am an important member of the world around me. I contribute in positive ways at work and home. 


You have the skills inside and you know how to use them! Now is the time to start going after your dream, and to follow your plan to reach your goals. It is time to take the next step in your career and make your dreams come true.

Module Seven

I Am Worthy of Respect


  • Have a list of contributions to your current position, to the company, 
  • Know the skills you already possess for the dream position. 
  • Have an organizational system set up that works for them to store metrics and associated details.
  • Ability to state positive skills they have and areas they can improve for professional goals
  • Mindset: Self confidence on how to give and gain respect for the job performance.


You now know how talented you are and you are able to accept the respect you deserve. You have new skills in place to help you implement your talents in ways you never knew possible. Now is the time to show off all you have to offer and make waves in your area of expertise. 

Module Eight

I have Found My Voice


  • Feel comfortable with sharing your ideas with peers and supervisors
  • Increase self-confidence in profession and within
  • Have the companies metrics list in hand
  • Have a created metrics list in hand and steps to have it approved by supervisor
  • Mindset: I am able to share my ideas with my peers and boss. I am self confident


You are ready to yell from the rooftops of how you contribute in a positive manner to your company and industry. You know what you need to be seen in your professional role in a way you have never before. You now know your voice and how to use it.

Module Nine

I Know Where I Am Going and How to Get There


  • Have a road-map for career future
  • Know and list how your strengths contribute to your professional field
  • Have a list of companies/positions you see yourself in for the 5-10 years
  • Create a list of promotions within other companies in the field of choice
  • Research other companies who are hiring for a dream role
  • Research people in your dream position and learn how to reach out 
  • To be informed on what other professional opportunities exist 
  • Mindset: empowered to take the next step in your career


Look out world, here you are, and you are ready to start your journey. You now have a plan in place on how to advance your life to new levels that you have only dreamed of before. Congratulations, you are ready to live the life of your dreams.

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